FlexKraft is a key part of ElectroCell’s plug & play solution

Danish manufacturer ElectroCell A/S has developed a smart, compact electrolysis system to generate sodium hypochlorite in order to disinfect pool water and drinking water, as well as for industrial use. It represents the pinnacle of more than 30 years of experience in the field of chlorine electrolysis. Placed in a special cabinet to optimize hygiene, the system includes chlorine electrolysis, internal water softener, salt saturator and dosing pumps. Since it complies with all safety demands regarding storage of products containing sodium hypochlorite, there is no need for a separate storage room. In addition, there is no chlorine gas and the electrolysis doesn’t generate waste water or requires cooling or heating. Designed as a plug & play solution, another major feature is the easy installation. Something that truly goes well with our modular solution FlexKraft , which has been proven to be a real jackpot for ElectroCell. Not only is it reliable, but it is just as easy to service and repair as you would expect when it is all plug & play.