Thanks to FlexKraft, Axolot can purify water in a smarter way

The Swedish company Axolot Solutions provides systems and technologies to purify water, based on electrocoagulation principles. In short, electrochemically dissolved metal ions work just as a chemical coagulation would. This creates hydroxide as the counter ion, which increases the pH-level, and rids all issues regarding storage and transportation of corrosive coagulants. As a result, the coagulant can be charged without overdosing. Furthermore, the applied electrical field removes repulsive forces and a floc rather than sludge forms. The benefits include a more cost-effective purification/separation, broad cleaning spectrum, rapid process and more compact physical footprint and an easy recovery of water, energy and material. An important part of the system is the FlexKraft rectifier, uniquely designed to consider the special technical requirements of the customer, and ensure the reliable power needed for the operation.