Why risk halting production due to DC Power Supply?

Replace with reliable switched-mode rectifiers.

As DC power supply specialists who understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of metal plating, we’ll work with you to define and implement the most economical and efficient way to reduce your total cost of operation – and meet your output quality and uptime targets.

It’s proven: the quality and efficiency of the power supply can be an enabler in achieving optimal plating – repeatedly!

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In the current economic situation, NO-ONE CAN AFFORD TO WASTE ENERGY.

Energy saving and so much more
An electroplating company wanted to manage their energy use. By upgrading to FlexKraft switch mode rectifier, they noticed a vast drop in their energy bill, and not only:

“We have gone from manual control, poor efficiency and fluctuating quality to automated control, excellent efficiency… vast energy savings and a greatly improved quality.”

– Plant Manager.

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Even plating

Even plating quality in high and low current density areas.

in anodizing processes, chrome plating, zinc plating, and other applications:

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It’s so flexible we needed only one product to fulfil industry requirements. Made in Sweden.

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