11.09.2019 - 13.09.2019 ZVO-Oberflächentage Berlin

The ZVO-Oberflächentage Berlin is a congress for electroplating and surface technology. Primary goal of the ZVO-Oberflächentage Berlin is the focused linkage of research and practical application regarding electroplating and surface technology and the support of cross-industry communication. Core themes of the ZVO Congress are the development of new areas of application for electroplated coatings and the rising requirements to coated surfaces as well as the handling of new legal provisions on the European und federal level. Foremost the specialists from the fields of development, engineering, design and manufacturing will benefit from the practical orientation of these themes. In addition, there are the proven reoccurring themes of wear and corrosion protection, environmental and fire protection, occupational safety as well as energy and material efficiency, parts cleaning, innovative technologies and the new requirements on electroplating and the research results of young colleagues and the talents forum. The ZVO-Oberflächentage in Berlin has established itself as one of the leading surface forums for professionals, customers of surface technology and products, scientists, developers, engineers, buyers, QM and sales staff from all industrial economic sectors.

Posted 2019-07-10 in High Current Rectifiers