Dear Friends,

As 2019 draws to a close, I express gratitude on behalf of KraftPowercon for your trust in us and for having been part of our journey this year.

The year has been positive for KraftPowercon. We achieved an organic calendar year growth of 22%, invested the highest ever into Research & Development, made an acquisition in the US and grew significantly in our employee strength worldwide.

And our purpose in all of this has been as always – to live up to our brand promise ‘We won’t let you down’. Which means that we do our best to uphold the high standards of response, quality and innovation which you expect us to deliver.

We realize we fulfil only a part of your business idea, and we take that part seriously. With products and services which are designed to bring specific value to your application, we continue our efforts to be your preferred choice for 2020.

With warm wishes for the Holiday season to you and your families,


Ranjit Jakkli
Managing Director

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