Marine Products

When you’re at sea – we won’t leave you stranded

It’s simple. You are at sea, where there is no repair shop around the corner. In order to treat your ballast water, you must have a reliable power supply, as these processes simply must work, no matter what. Our systems and solutions are built and adapted to cope under these harsh conditions and will always guarantee your power supply.

We won't leave you stranded.

Relax – we don’t get seasick

The efficiency and reliability of our solutions have been proven for decades, and we have been chosen to supply both coast guards and submarines with rectifiers. Using reinforced and modified rectifiers we guarantee power supply even when the sea is at its roughest. And, no matter what coastline you approach, when your ballast water treatment gets it power supply from KraftPowercon, you can safely empty your ballast water without harming local flora and fauna.

Low costs and small footprint – a big business boost

The high reliability of our systems gives you a number of distinct advantages. The low power consumption means a small footprint and operating and maintenance costs are low. The latter is further fuelled by the modular design of our rectifiers. They are designed to improve uptime, and should maintenance be required you can run your system on reduced power, preventing costly standstills and downtime. Putting it all together, our power supply significantly improves your business by helping you to a safe, speedy and efficient ballast water management. 


Main features
Small footprint
Built-in redundancy
Easy to operate
Global service
0-200V, 0-12.500A

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