Water-cooled electroplating power supply

FlexKraft - the modular SMPS high-current power supply for electro-chemical processes with demanding operating environments.
Water-cooled electroplating power supply FlexKraft - the modular SMPS high-current power supply for electro-chemical processes with demanding operating environments.

Secure the reliability of your electrochemical process with water cooled FlexKraft high-current power supplies

Five reasons for choosing FlexKraft water-cooled power supplies:

      1. Your plating environment is too hot for air cooling (40°C or more)
      2. You don’t want to invest in a controlled cooling environment for your power supplies
      3. Conditions are too dusty or harsh for effective air cooling
      4. You want to reduce thermal stress to optimise rectifier life and performance
      5. You use corrosive alkaline solutions, or powder bases that generate particulates

PLUS: Our water-cooled FlexKraft™ power supply is covered by an extended 3-year guarantee, as part of our special promotion running until December 2024.

Simply use your own liquid-cooling system, or add our purpose-built CoolKraft™ heat exchanger if you prefer.

FlexKraft high-current power supply

Dual output

  • The possibility to have one power supply working as two, saves space and up to 15% of the investment cost

Control system

  • The power supply can be run in both CV and CC-mode without limitations, with possibility to set both voltage and current separately. This provides total control of the electroplating process – of highest value when requiring voltage limitation at controlled current.

Operating conditions

  • FlexKraft can operate continuously at maximum output for longer periods in ambient temperature of up to 50°C.

The table below displays possible current and voltage values, along with corresponding power supply dimensions.

Number of power modules
0.5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
0–12V Output DC current 300A 600A 1200A 1800A 2400A 3000A 3600A 4200A 4800A 5400A 6000A
0–15V 250A 500A 1000A 1500A 2000A 2500A 3000A 3500A 4000A 4500A 5000A
0–20V 200A 400A 800A 1200A 1600A 2000A 2400A 2800A 3200A 3600A 4000A
0–24V 300A 600A 900A 1200A 1500A 1800A 2100A 2400A 2700A 3000A
0–30V 250A 500A 750A 1000A 1250A 1500A 1750A 2000A 2250A 2500A
0–36V 600A 1200A 1800A
0–40V 200A 400A 600A 800A 1000A 1200A 1400A 1600A 1800A 2000A
0–45V 500A 1000A 1500A
0–48V 300A 600A 900A 1200A 1500A
0–60V 250A 400A 500A 600A 750A/
1000A 1200A 1250A
0–72V 300A 600A 900A
0–75V 500A 1000A
0–80V 200A 400A 600A 800A 1000A
0–84V 600A
0–90V 250A 500A 750A
0–96V 300A 600A
0–100V 400A 800A
0–105V 500A
0–108V 600A
0–120V 200A 250A 300A 400A 500A 600A 600A
Height* 450 mm 450 mm 590 mm 730 mm 870 mm 1010 mm 1150 mm 1290 mm 1570 mm 1710 mm 1850 mm
Weight* 42 kg 49 kg 76 kg 102 kg 133 kg 160 kg 188 kg 220 kg 251 kg 286 kg 315 kg

* For voltages above 120V or currents above 6000A, contact KraftPowercon.
** The red ‘D’ symbol means that the rectifier can have dual outputs with maximum current halved.

With FlexKraft – liquid cooled electroplating rectifier, you can secure the reliability of your production process, while optimizing costs.

Here are the key enabling functions:

Standardization and modular design

  • facilitate redundancy. If a module would fail, operation can be continued with less output
  • It takes less than 15 min to exchange a faulty power module, reducing standstill.
  • allow for an optimized configuration, saving space and upgrading the power size when needed.
  • with one critical spare part /power module fitting to the entire range of the power supply regardless size and manufacturing year, service/repair are straightforward
  • enable spares optimization, reducing inventory needs and costs.

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