Gálvez Muñoz Destilerías, SA (Spain)

In October 2013, the customer Gálvez Muñoz Destilerías, SA ( Spain) launched the WaterReuse project. This pilot project, funded by the LIFE+ Program of the European Union, ran for two years. To supply the power, KraftPowercon delivered FlexKraft with these specifications: 15V/2x1500A and 48V/300 A.
The prototype combined deep and membrane filtration, electro and photocatalysis oxidation (EPO) and solar panels. Everything was controlled by an intelligent control system.
The project’s intention was to implement, validate and promote sustainable and efficient energy use to allow reusing water from the process effluent. The ultimate goal? A reduction in water and carbon footprints.
Quantified data about the system’s performance:

- 95 % of the processed water was reused

- All TSS and COD were removed from the waste water

- 45 % reduction of the carbon footprint

- Production and storage of hydrogen above 90 % of the equivalent charge used

- Treatment flow rate went from 10m3/day (COD 1000) to 1m3/day (COD 10000)