Produzione di idrogeno

Ottimizziamo l'alimentazione per la generazione sostenibile di idrogeno e per i processi elettrolitici, con l'obiettivo di ridurre i costi totali e gli investimenti

As DC power specialists, we work with you to define and implement the most efficient, reliable and economical electrical eco-system to optimise hydrogen generation, reduce the total cost of operation and the investment needed.

We effectively navigate the complexities of designing electrical ecosystems for Hydrogen production, processing and application. We translate your grid requirements, input/output electricity needs and operating conditions into an optimised power supply solution that’s configured specifically for your needs.

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Over fifty years at the leading edge, and still shaping the future

KraftPowercon developed the first IGBT rectifier technology in 1970, and we’ve been collaborating with customers to devise and deliver innovative power solutions for hydrogen production ever since.

Over the years we have worked with leading equipment producers for hydrogen production including: NEL Hydrogen, Air Liquide, Proton on Site, Cumberland, Siemens, Linde, Elchemtech, HyET Hydrogen, Titan.

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Efficient and effective power supply is crucial to the hydrogen installations we’re delivering. Partnering with the KraftPowercon team gives us access to fantastic power system expertise, as well as technology and support for planning, installation, commissioning and servicing our hydrogen installations.

Major OEM Customer

Looking for answers? We’re happy to help out with identifying requirements and specifiying the configuration you need.

Global network, local services

Our global engineering network means you’ll get great support and a quick response from local service personnel – whether you need us for a routine visit or an emergency callout.

Hydrogen manufacturing and supply chain

Part of our 20,000m²+ global production footprint, our new 3.500m² production facility is specially equipped to design and manufacture KraftPowercon hydrogen power solutions.

Our robust manufacturing supply chain enables us to scale up production and drive down costs through increased volume.

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