KraftPowercon: We won't let you down

Power is something you might not think about – until you lack it. To make sure you can always trust your power supply, we suggest that you work with us. Our promise to you is simply this: We won’t let you down.

We have been present since 1935

Kraftelektronik saw the light of day in Sweden in 1935, and Powercon was founded in India in 1971. In 2010 the two merged to become KraftPowercon – a global company with plants in Sweden, India and China. Since then, we have been working to fulfil our vision: to ensure premium power supply in a way no one else can.

Let us power your success

We secure processes and provide power supply in everything from nuclear plants to super tankers. And, you find our solutions in everything from traditional industries to highly futuristic projects

Everything we do is meant to improve your business. Yes, we are very technical, but it all boils down to helping you and your organisation be as profitable, safe and reliable as possible.

Four guiding lights that help you

We follow four guiding lights and they make it possible for us to fulfil our brand promise: we won’t let you down. The guiding lights are:

  1. You can always count on KraftPowercon

  2. KraftPowercon always has something new on the way for you

  3. KraftPowercon is right beside you

  4. KraftPowercon is your proactive partner

In short; we are reliable, innovative, listen to you and always stay one step ahead to make sure you get the latest and the best.

What’s next

The future is all but impossible to predict, but one thing is certain. We are working around the clock to make sure that we create even better, more efficient and energy-saving solutions in the future. So, tell us what you need and let us help you get a better future – we won’t let you down.


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