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Norwegian Hydropower

KraftPowercon secure operations of sluice gates

Norwegian Hydropower

The hydropower plant is located in southern Norway and has a drop of 20 meters. The total installed capacity is 208 MW and the annual generation is 900 GWh.


To secure a controlled water flow, the sluice gates at the power station need to handle intake and spill water at any time, even in case of power interruption to the motors.

During an upgrade of the power station, the old DC motors for the sluice gates were replaced.


To ensure the emergency operation of the AC motors, UMD™ system secures operation of the AC-motor from both the mains and battery supply.

Schematic Hydro

Uninterruptible Motor Drive

UMD™ is the most reliable way to power your motor and secure the operation of a standard AC-motor. The UMD will be backed up by existing batteries on site and thereby replace the old DC motor solution.

The transition from mains supply to battery supply is automatic and seamless


  • Standardized, Type Tested Systems
  • Highest Possible Availability
  • Eliminates Single Point of Failure

KraftPowercon has decades of experience and we meet high expectations and demands within the industry. In this case we replaced the old DC-motors and provided an Uninterruptible Motor Drive solution for standard three phase AC-motors.

Håkan Rydenborg - Technical Sales Manager, KraftPowercon

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