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Green hydrogen is enjoying unprecedented political and business momentum driven by our need to reduce carbon emissions. Large investments are now being made globally in a wide range of applications from transportation to industrial applications. However, the cost of Hydrogen must come down rapidly to be a viable alternative to carbon intensive energy sources like coal and diesel. At KraftPowercon we help you optimize your power supply with focus on lowest total cost of ownership.

Reduced TCO

We help you optimize your power supply to meet your customers’ requirements, while focusing on your overall total cost of ownership. This includes minimized electrical losses, reduced harmonic distortion and meeting local electrical, fire safety and environmental regulations.

Minimized time-to-market

We provide a range of recommended standardized, plug & play solutions, as well as customizations to suit onsite requirements. To help you be quicker to market we’ll give you access to a highly skilled and responsive engineering and R&D team.

Ensure global reliability

We support you with engineering from our global network and ensure quick response from local service personnel. We also secure your most critical components in case of emergencies and have the capacity to modify solutions to fit your needs.

A fast-moving industry with need for speed

The rapid increase in hydrogen deployment across many different and new applications and the need for a 60% reduction in production costs by 2030 imply challenges:

  • Your sales team constantly receives new user requirements where quick answers are needed. And they need to focus on lowest total cost of ownership, or they risk losing the quote.
  • You need to understand local electrical, fire safety and environmental regulations, international standards and service your equipment anywhere in the world.
  • In addition, you might need to scale-up your own operations to meet the increasing demand without adding complexity, or too much cost, and still provide your customers a great buying experience.

Hidden costs are detrimental to competitiveness

Within the industry we hear of companies focusing on technical specifications and lowest price to minimize expenditure. However, the risk here is that OEMs and users opt for lower performance without considering a broader picture where hidden costs may be much higher than those visible, such as:

  • Use of resources and time to market in design
  • Sales and administration costs in proposals
  • Reliability issues and costly downtime
  • High warranty and service costs
  • Risk of fines in operations

Failure to organize sales, production and service to deal with an increasing number of requests may make you slow and inefficient.

At KraftPowercon, we focus on your total cost of ownership and support your internal challenges to help you minimize time-to-market.

Visible costs

Purchase price of product
Design and production costs

Resources and time in design

Sales and administration costs

Manufacturing and supply costs

Warranty and service costs

Hidden costs

Operation and maintenance costs
Deliver output and availability

Costly losses in the system

Risk of fines from electricity provider

Costs of maintenance

Risk of production losses

Risks of fire and human Injuries

Meet your customer needs with speed, while reducing TCO

KraftPowercon’s strategy is focused on delivering power supply for water-electrolysis that make both you and your end-users more competitive and compliant, while minimizing the overall cost.

  • We help you optimize a range of rectifiers and transformers that meet your customers’ requirements.
  • We offer an alternative ECO Design that can save energy ensuring significant impact on further operating expenditure.
  • We deliver reliable solutions that minimize electrical losses, reducing harmonic distortion and minimizing risks of incurring maintenance costs.
  • We ensure you meet local electrical, fire safety and environmental regulations and international standards for both system and grid requirements.

Minimize your time-to-market and improve efficiency

We recognize that you feel a strong pressure to scale-up your operations and improve your own internal efficiency. KraftPowercon is committed to help you achieve those goals.

  • We help you reduce your time-to-market by offering you access to a highly skilled and responsive engineering and R&D team.
  • We provide a range of recommended standardized, plug & play solutions as well as customizations, to suit onsite requirements. These can come in both non-containerized and/or containerized form.
  • We provide you with documentation including drawings, spare part lists, inspections, test plans and product plans.
  • Standard solutions and containers are supplied according to your needs: typically warehouse, collection point or supplied directly to site.

We support you around the world

KraftPowercon’s global footprint is ready to support your customers’ equipment wherever you are. We do this by delivering engineering from our global network, while ensuring quick response from our local service personnel.

  • We install your power supply, commission, inspect, calibrate and trouble-shoot to ensure you have reliable operations anywhere in the world.
  • Our regional Solutions Centers will secure stock of your most critical components in case of emergencies and have the capacity to modify specific solutions when needed.
  • We provide you with over 20.000㎡ of production space globally, including supply from our brand new five-star 3.500㎡ production facility dedicated to hydrogen power solutions.

Offering you vast experience in power supply for hydrogen

KraftPowercon has delivered power solutions to a wide range of customers in industrial hydrogen production since the 1970s:

  • Hydrogen fueling stations
  • Mining transportation equipment
  • Steel plant furnaces
  • Glass furnaces
  • Turbine cooling
  • Hydrogen for industrial processes
  • Compression and purification

Over the years KraftPowercon has worked with some of the world leading equipment producers for hydrogen production including:

  • NEL Hydrogen
  • Air Liquide
  • Proton on Site
  • Cumberland
  • Siemens
  • Linde
  • Elchemtech
  • HyET Hydrogen
  • Titan

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