Pumps and Fans

UMD™ is the most effective solution to secure pumps, fans and other motor loads.

Achieve unmatched reliability for rotating equipment such as pumps and fans!

Throughout industrial and infrastructure projects, there will always be critical pumps and fans that require a high level of availability. The engineering challenge is to provide a power supply solution that will provide maximum uptime and will deliver this for many years together with the rest of the process equipment.

AC UPS and DC Motor based-backup systems are not optimal, reliable backup solutions for rotating loads KraftPowercon’s Uninterruptible Motor Drives solution UMD™ is the most effective solution to secure your motor loads.

In-line Integrated VFD’s allow precise motor control

Eliminates Single Point of Failure

Complete factory tested system

UMD™ is the most reliable way to power your motor

Supplying motors with the correct power during critical operation means the difference between profit and downtime costs, the difference between running machines and mechanical failures, and the difference between planning ahead and planning urgent field service.

UMD™ systems utilize proven and field tested uninterruptible power supply principles that achieve unmatched reliability.

In-line Integrated VFD’s allow precise motor control

UMD™ utilizes field-proven, high-quality VFD’s. All the advantages of VFD operation also applies to the UMD™. That includes: limiting start currents, starting at maximum torque, precise speed control, energy savings etc. At Direct On Line start of an induction motor, the inrush current can be up to 9 times of the nominal current. The UMDTM with its internal VFD solves the problem and realize the motor’s full potential.

VFD Curve

Eliminates Single Point of Failure

The UMD™ system is designed to remove all Single Points of Failure. Traditional UPS systems must be doubled or excessively oversized to achieve the same safety level.

Complete factory tested UMD™ system

UMD™ is delivered as one complete MCC-unit. Type tested according to IEC, UL, CSA and other applicable standards. The system has single or redundant mains input breakers, battery charger, AC and DC busbars, and the required motor drive outputs. In addition, it can be extended to backup all AC and DC auxiliary loads.

As a result of this several complex engineering activities including battery sizing, power loss calculations, motor protection settings, fuse selectivity in distribution board, can be eliminated. It also allows for fast and straightforward installation and commissioning that can be performed by local technicians.

Pumps and Fans

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