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Tommy Rochhausen

KraftPowercon recently entered the Green Transition Alliance (GTA) together with 12 other Swedish companies committed to supporting South Korea’s journey of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. In light of this, we decided to talk to our Asian Sales Director Duckhyun Yun (DH) to get a deeper insight into our operations in Asia, how the GTA will influence the marine industry in South Korea, and the purpose of our involvement.

Hi DH! Could you start by describing what you do at our South Korean office?

Sure! I am the acting Asian Sales Director of KraftPowercon Korea, which means I oversee all sales and marketing-related matters in the Asian region. I joined KraftPowercon Korea in 2018 when the office was first established. Since then, I have been working hard to promote our innovative power solution to various industries in South Korea.

 Why is it important for KraftPowercon Marine to have a local presence in Asia?

In the marine industry, it is crucial to ensure high availability and stable operations. This is especially true for ballast water management systems, as they are responsible for performing vital ballasting procedures under the laws and regulations in place. A system failure or breakdown could have a severe negative impact on a shipowner’s business, both from a financial and environmental standpoint. To be able to respond swiftly to our customers’ service needs, KraftPowercon Marine has a global service network in place and a local presence in Asia, as many of our customers and partners are based here.

And why do we have an office in South Korea specifically?

South Korea is a global shipbuilding powerhouse – many shipyards and major ballast water management manufacturers are based here. To be close to our industry partners and customers, we have a service center and a marine spare part hub in Ulsan. Thanks to our local presence, we can respond to any emergency service request related to our power supplies. We can also ensure the operational capacity and minimize downtime of ships passing through the region, would they need our assistance. Having a global presence significantly improves our response time, which is paramount as we have a global customer base.

KraftPowercon recently joined the Green Transition Alliance. Could you tell us more about our involvement in the initiative?

KraftPowercon is one of the founding members of the KOR-SWE Green Transition Alliance, which is an initiative led jointly by the Swedish Embassy, Business Sweden, and 13 prominent industry companies from Sweden. The purpose of the initiative is to promote the sustainable development of South Korea’s industry and ultimately to support the country’s ambition of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. By joining forces with Swedish companies active in South Korea, our goal is to find synergies and lay a foundation for the cooperative development of industries in both Sweden and South Korea.

For KraftPowercon, joining the initiative was a given. Our products and solutions are used in a broad spectrum of industries essential to sustainable development and environmental conservation; green hydrogen, air pollutant reduction, and marine environment protection to name a few. It was only natural for us to join the initiative as we can help promote technological innovation and sustainable development in these industries.

How can we contribute to the goals of the Green Transition Alliance from a marine perspective? Both short and long-term?

KraftPowercon is a company with leading experience and innovative technology within the field of ballast water management. Our ambition is to actively communicate with the domestic marine industry and help to promote the technological and environmental competitiveness of the South Korean marine industry. Furthermore, to achieve growth in line with the UN SDGs.

In the short term, we hope to expand our market share by promoting our proven and innovative marine power solution to customers and key stakeholders through various activities together with the alliance. Long-term, we hope to grow as a total power solution company and to work alongside more industry partners within the South Korean marine industry. Our ambition is to keep powering efficient ballasting while at the same time protecting vital marine ecosystems around the world. With new local partnerships, we hope to take action, co-create and raise ambitions with the shared goal of transitioning South Korea to a green role model on the world stage.

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