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Nothing beats meeting our customers in person

We’ve been busy throughout the trade show autumn season, most recently meeting customers and partners at events in Poland, the UK and Turkey. It’s always a valuable opportunity to learn more about the current trends and concerns in the general metal finishing industry, and every year brings something new or different.

This year, we came away with two key learnings: a reminder of the importance and value of having local partners providing local support for our customers, wherever they are in the world; and how much many of our end-users appreciate the benefits of our recent CoolKraft™ water-to-water heat exchanger solution for tough operating environments.

The difference that local presence makes

We know that customers prefer to work with businesses that have a local presence, and – wherever possible – to hear about products and solutions, do business, and receive support from people who speak their language.

21st Electroplating Conference in Warsaw

At the 21st Electroplating Conference in Warsaw, delegates appreciated hearing about how power supply can enable plating excellence and energy savings from our Polish speaking local partner, Jtec.

Similarly, at the Surface World trade show in Birmingham, we were joined by our three UK partners who provide outstanding local support for clients and end-users whenever it’s needed.

The Surface World 2023 trade show in Birmingham

However, until recently, providing our expanding customer base in Turkey with the same level of support was becoming challenging, as our trusted partner, Teknobak, had become so busy that they were unable to meet demand. So our Turkish customers were delighted to hear that we had recently appointed Mustafa Mutlu, founder of Nirengi, as our General Metal Finishing Service Engineer, to provide valuable additional support for the market.

Surtech tradeshow 2023

Surtech tradeshow was the opportunity for our partner Kamil Özcikmak from Teknobak to be appointed as Vice President of leading Surface Treatment Association Tüyider, and to hold an insightful presentation on key matters regarding power supply for the plating community.

With his background in physics and electrical engineering, Mustafa has a deep understanding of the intricate systems and components involved in power supply systems – and since joining us, he has demonstrated his passion for delivering exceptional service, as this recent email from a customer shows. 

“Due to the problem of lack of technical service…we bought a rectifier from one of the local suppliers last year after a serious malfunction. This rectifier has been a problem for us since day one, but the problems have proven to us again that KraftPowercon rectifiers are better.

When we were contacted by Mustafa Mutlu, he immediately created an emergency plan and arrived at our company. Although we talked about him repairing our 6-module rectifier… when we explained the serious problems we had experienced in our other 9-module rectifier, he ensured that it was put into operation as well. In the meantime, he also provided training to our staff. He patiently commissioned these two rectifiers with us until 05:30 in the morning.

I would especially like to express my endless gratitude to Mr. Mustafa. I would like to thank you again and again for proving to us that KraftPowercon is the best, for providing us with information we have never heard before, for your patience, and for doing your job with love. I’m glad you came across us and solved our most important problem.”

We also heard of some cases in Türkiye where customers had not been buying from authorised suppliers and had been let down (and worse). Wherever you are in the world, please do make sure you buy from an authorised KraftPowercon partner or OEM.

Our customers think CoolKraft™ is… pretty cool

CoolKraft is turning out to be a popular addition to our range of rectifier solutions. Until recently, water cooling was largely complex, costly and inconvenient, involving custom design and installation by specialists. It was complex, time-consuming and expensive. Now you can simply add CoolKraft™ water cooling to your KraftPowercon rectifiers without calculating complex parameters or involving specialist installers.

Discover more about CoolKraft water cooling for KraftPowercon rectifiers

What’s next?

Our next global metal finishing tradeshow, “Surface Technology” takes place in Stuttgart, 4-6 June 2024 and we look forward to meeting customers old and new, and sharing more with you there. Meanwhile, we’d love to be in touch, so please do reach out to our local partners.

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