delegation of 25 German platers, who we welcomed to the KraftPowercon

We’ve always been about getting to know our customers so that we can understand and meet your needs better. From our beginnings with battery chargers in 1935 to today’s hydrogen production and renewable energy solutions, we are continually growing and evolving to address the challenges and trends you face – now, and for the years to come.


So it was with great pleasure that we were able to share some of our latest ideas and innovations with a delegation of 25 German platers, who we welcomed to the KraftPowercon headquarters in Surte last summer. The visit had been organised with the Nuremburg District Group of the DGO (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Galvano und Oberflächentechnik) leaders Udo Krüger and Manfred Hoos.


Ranjit Jakli, CEO, and Patrick Delombre, Director of our Business Unit, shared how we are helping our customers to tackle the global challenges of climate change, digitalisation and the use of modern technologies. They showed how our expertise and solutions are supporting the general metal finishing industry to improve plating results, with fewer resources and less time required.


The group also looked at how our technology addresses the challenges caused by the rapidly increasing and complex demands of the electronics industry, resulting in superior quality and production efficiency when plating high aspect ratio PCBs and miniaturised IC substrates. And how we are playing a key role in the design and implementation of electric ecosystems for the green hydrogen value chain.

Helping you to achieve a greener and more profitable future


During the factory tour, the DGO delegates talked directly with our engineers and product experts. This experience enabled them to see the quality of our manufacturing and understand exactly why KraftPowercon rectifiers are so reliable. Any conversation with our expert team quickly reveals how they have deep plating knowledge and a detailed understanding of how KraftPowercon solutions are used, and the environment and constraints within which they operate.

KraftPowercon factory tour

As trip hosts, we also arranged for the DGO group to visit Provexa Ytbehandling AB, the fourth largest electroplating shop in Scandinavia and users of KraftPowercon rectifiers since 1987. This visit to Provexa also proved to be something special for our visitors, especially being able to exchange ideas on continuous improvement and ways of working in an open and collaborative way.


And although the DGO’s trip was business-focused, we made sure there was plenty of time for leisure, pleasure and good food – as well as a beer tasting, which we learned is a highlight for Bavarians!

Helping you to achieve a greener and more profitable future


“We have been guests many times, but we have never felt so valued and appreciated. Everyone was there from the KraftPowercon team, from engineers to CEO Ranjit [Jakkli],”

said Udo.

“And sparing the time to be with us over several days was greatly appreciated”.

“Being able to get to know more KraftPowercon people better, and understand their thinking and their environment was good for us, and for our customers, too. It was obvious how friendly the team was, and how they worked so well together. They have a real depth of knowledge, and were genuinely interested in what we had to say – they are all about delivering value and want to help us to get the best results. We’ve been relying on their products for many years, and it’s good to see that they are so strongly positioned to carry on supporting us in the future”.

Closing of the workshop