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Teddy is a seasoned Service Engineer with several years of experience working in the marine industry through his previous employments at both Wärtsilä and Lean Marine. Most recently, Teddy worked as a Field Application Engineer at Jensen Sweden. We had a chat with Teddy to learn more about his background, previous experience, and what he thinks about joining the KraftPowercon marine team.


Hi Teddy! Tell us about your professional background.

Sure! It is a bit of a mixed bag to tell you the truth. I have held many different types of service-related positions throughout my career. Most recently, I worked as a Field Application Engineer at Jensen Sweden, which specializes in industrial laundry products. Before that, I spent many years in the marine industry working as a Service Engineer for both Wärtsilä and Lean Marine. I have had different titles and job descriptions over the years, but they have all been related to technical service in some shape or form.


How did you get started in the marine industry?

I had a neighbor at one point who worked at Transas, which at the time was a leading developer and supplier of onboard and shore-based systems and marine simulators. He told me that Transas was looking for Service Engineers, so I applied for the job and got it. That was the initial springboard that got me into the marine world.

I worked at Transas for five years, which later became a part of Wärtsilä when they merged. My job as a Service Engineer entailed installing both software and hardware aboard ships, as well as regular maintenance, troubleshooting, and service. To this day, I have worked on around 400 ships.


What do you like most about your job?

The variety! As a Service Engineer, you travel a lot as you are dispatched to customers in different parts of the world. The mix of working onboard ships and at the office is very stimulating. I also like the social aspect of my work – being around friendly and fun colleagues and crew is for me very rewarding.

Moreover, I am also very fond of the practical aspects of my work. I am a problem solver at heart and have always been passionate about computers, gadgets, and technical stuff. I like the challenges that the job often presents. When working aboard a ship, there is rarely any repair shops around the corner, so you must make do with what you have got on hand and find solutions to complex issues. It is challenging, but that is where the fun lies!


What will you be doing as a Field Service Engineer at KraftPowercon?

Pretty much the same thing I have been doing throughout my career – installing, servicing, and troubleshooting hardware and software. The main difference is that I will be working with KraftPowercon’s products and customers, which I am very excited about!


Thanks for the chat, Teddy! Any final thoughts?

Any time! It is exciting to be a part of the team and I am looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues and customers better.

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