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Emmy Rosander

We are very glad to be part of an important sustainability project in Angola where we are going to deliver our PC10 DC-systems and inverters to a large-scale solar power project. The project will increase access to reliable and sustainable energy for Angola´s 30 million people.

Our role in this project is to provide auxiliary power through our PC10 systems and uninterruptible power supply for station computers through our inverters.

We have chosen KraftPowercon´s solution because of good experience from earlier projects, they are price competitive, and they customize the solution for us

Tomas Lundholm - Hitachi Power Grids

Thank you Hitachi ABB Power Grids for your trust in us!

Do you want to read more about this project? Visit the link below:

Are you interested to read more about our solutions for auxiliary power?

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We are very glad to be part of an important sustainability project in Angola where we are going to deliver our PC10 DC-systems and...

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