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Webb Zeng is one of KraftPowercon’s most seasoned employees. After graduating from university in 2007, he joined the company as a Production Engineer. Today, Webb is the Service Manager at KraftPowercon’s Shanghai office. Together with his team in the service department, he oversees and manages all service-related matters in the China We had a chat with Webb to find out what a regular day at the service department looks like.

Hi Webb! Tell us about your professional background.
Sure! KraftPowercon was the first company I joined after graduating from university – and I’ve been here ever since. I started as a Production Engineer before transitioning to After Sales Manager in 2012. Today, I am the Service Manager for our Chinese organization, which means I manage a team of service engineers that handle all service-related matters in China. But we also support our international colleagues in for instance India, Korea, and Taiwan.

How would you describe a normal day as a Service Manager at KraftPowercon?
My work is to a large extent guided by our customers’ needs and requests, so no two days are the same. They usually start with me checking my e-mails to get up to speed with the latest developments in our customer errands. As a department, we handle service requests and claims from our customers on a daily basis, and these can vary in complexity and size. My responsibility is to prioritize the day-to-day work at the department and to make sure we’re handling incoming errands in the best way possible.

What are the most common service requests our customers have?
Requests vary to a large degree depending on the customer and the equipment they have installed on board. Sometimes, certain parts and components have malfunctioned, or the customer has accidentally misoperated the equipment and needs our help troubleshooting it. Most issues can be resolved by us helping the customer change the operational parameters of the equipment. Whatever the case may be, we always strive to find swift solutions to our customers’ problems to prevent them from escalating to serious issues.

Do you usually assist customers remotely or on-site?
Most often, we handle service requests remotely through phone or e-mail by guiding our customers to the right solution. When more complex issues arise or if the customer can’t solve the problem themselves, we can dispatch service engineers and provide support on-site. Most issues can thankfully be resolved through remote support, though. I say thankfully not because we don’t enjoy visiting our customers – we do! – but because it has become harder to do so due to local restrictions preventing us from going on board our customers’ ships.

What motivates you in your work?
Our over-arching customer promise – “We won’t let you down” – is a big source of motivation for me in my role as a Service Manager. I genuinely want to help our customers in the best way I can, and I think this rings true for everyone who works at KraftPowercon. As an engineer, I also very much like the technical challenges of my work – solving problems brings me happiness!

What do you enjoy most about working at KraftPowercon?
I’ve worked at KraftPowercon for almost 15 years now, which in itself is a testament to how much I like working here. But in terms of what I enjoy the most about the company, it’s probably our innovative approach to product development and our friendly and familiar company culture. It’s great to be able to collaborate and bounce ideas with colleagues all over the world.

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Solving problems brings me happiness! – Webb Zeng