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Business Sweden has been busy helping KraftPowercon to open more doors to green opportunities around the world. Here a look at what’s been happening in India and South Korea. 
Hydrogen Production: Catalyst for a Sustainable Future

Playing a key part in India’s green transition 

KraftPowercon, which formed in 2008 following the merger of Powercon India and Kraftelektronik Sweden, aims to play a key part in India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission. The company recently established a new 3.500m2 production facility in Pune, India, especially for design and manufacture of hydrogen power solutions for electrolyser OEM customers around the world.  

Partnering with Business Sweden in India enables KraftPowercon to participate in a wide range of awareness activities, such as industry events and webinars, where they can make new connections and create new business opportunities for themselves and others.  

Business Sweden has played a key role in helping KraftPowercon to showcase what they are doing (and how they are doing it), such as when they jointly hosted a visit to the Pune facility for senior management and director delegates from diverse industries across the country.  

Nineteen major Swedish organisations based in India were represented at the KraftPowercon event, embracing manufacturing, retail, mining, metals, engineering and packaging. These included Absortech, Alleima, AQ Mechanical, Atlas Copco, Cavotec, Dynapac, Epiroc Mining, Ericsson, MannTek, Nefab, Seco Tools and SKF. They were also joined by Erik Malmberg – Consul at Consulate General of Sweden in Mumbai. 

Contributing to the UN’s Global Goals for sustainability

Ranjit Jakkli, KraftPowercon’s CEO, was there to welcome the guests, and share his insights in an impressive presentation on KraftPowercon’s achievements over the decades; how they’re currently supporting energy transition and the UN’s sustainability development goals; and what their vision is for the future. 

CEO at Sustainability Event: Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow.

All the visitors had a keen interest in green hydrogen solutions, as well as observing how KraftPowercon has designed and run their green initiatives.  

The KraftPowercon Chakan facility in Pune is non-polluting, with no emissions of dust, oil or water. And while contributing to many of the 17 UN goals in the way they operate their own business, KraftPowercon actively works to enable industry and their customers across four in particular:  

  • Goal 3: Good health and well-being (enabling reductions in airborne dust pollutants of over 30%) 
  • Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation (supporting efficient seawater treatment processes) 
  • Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy (powering the scale-up of the hydrogen production industry) 
  • Goal 14: Life below water (making marine ballast water treatment more efficient and reliable) 
Sustainable Development Goals: A Roadmap for a Brighter Future.

Experiencing the KraftPowercon ethos and seeing how their electrostatic precipitation (ESP) rectification upgrade solutions help industries to control air pollutants (without huge infrastructure investment, and even where space is tight) was of great interest to the visiting group. KraftPowercon’s electroplating solutions are designed to help reduce energy consumption and waste, while increasing efficiency – all of which will also cut operational costs for its customers. And PowerKraft rectifiers convert AC to DC current for the electrolysis process at the heart of green hydrogen production. 

Working with expertise, precision and enthusiasm 

The Flex Assembly centre is where DC power supply solutions are put together, either as rectifiers housed in cabinets, or as electrical power systems that are tailored to individual client requirements and housed in containers. Everything is organised around batch processes undertaken at sub-assembly stations. 

Factory Excursion: Unveiling the Heart of Sustainable Progress.

During their tour, the visitors were able to talk with KraftPowercon employees. Many delegates made a point of commenting on how they found the assembly team members to be knowledgeable and enthusiastic, enjoying the opportunity to explain product features and about Uninterruptible Power Systems to their guests.

Continuing the hydrogen debate 

At the end of the visit everyone regrouped for an interesting and stimulating debate on hydrogen and its use in the future. And when asked what they had found most interesting, many delegates said that it was seeing the demonstration of KraftPowercon’s H2Kraft container (the tailored turnkey solution that provides the power supply for green hydrogen production), and how that really does make life easier for customers.

Strengthening industrial partnerships for a sustainable future


The visitors were also impressed by the overall cleanliness of the production process, and the enthusiasm of the employees. Naturally for an Indian company, the food and hospitality received high praise as well – KraftPowercon even presented everyone with a beautiful plant as a gesture of friendship, symbolic of their commitment to green industry.

Strengthening industrial partnerships for a sustainable future

Supporting green initiatives builds on a strong start in South Korea 

KraftPowercon established their Korean business office back in 2018 within the Business Sweden building – the ideal location for embarking on the joint activities and sharing business opportunities. Since then, they have grown considerably, enabling a move to their own premises. 

Alongside Business Sweden, KraftPowercon is a founding member of the Sweden + Korea Green Transition Alliance. Alliance members are committed to partnering with Korean industrial partners to support and help raise the ambition of Korea’s efforts towards a green and carbon-neutral society. They also support the 2050 Carbon Neutral Strategy of the Republic of Korea, and the government’s air pollution goal of lowering fine dust concentration by over 35% by 2024. This is one of KraftPowercon’s areas of expertise, as their products upgrade the power supply for electrostatic precipitators to make them far more efficient, saving energy and helping customers to comply with even the toughest particulate emission standards. 

Hydrogen expertise unlocks market opportunity

As in India, businesses in South Korea find the opportunity to work with Swedish organisations attractive. Swedish technology has great credibility in the international business world, and a reputation for quality and reliability. This is one of the reasons that KraftPowercon was recently one of the hosts of a Business Sweden trip to Surte, our HQ in Sweden, for five South Korean journalists – they were keen to see Swedish industry in action for themselves. 

Strengthening industrial partnerships for a sustainable future


KraftPowercon’s main focus in Korea at the moment is on supporting hydrogen production, which is highly relevant, given the government’s recent commitment to establishing a clean hydrogen supply chain and nurturing a world-leading hydrogen industry. And while the market is not yet mature, major organisations are looking into the opportunities available.  

KraftPowercon and Business Sweden at H2 Meet 2023 

In previous years, KraftPowercon’s appearances at Korea’s H2 Meet, the international hydrogen exhibition, have attracted a huge amount of attention. At the September 2023 event, their stand will be in the Swedish Pavilion, where they will be welcoming key industry figures and government officials, and contributing to a seminar on powering green hydrogen production. 

KraftPowercon at Korea H2 Meet: Past and Future Success.
Korea H2 Meet: Your Invitation to KraftPowercon's Journey.

KraftPowercon is proud to be part of a growing community of over 100 Swedish companies in Korea, including industry giants SSAB, Atlas Copco, Ericsson and SKF. 

Business Sweden operates in 44 locations across Europe, Americas, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific. Their remit is to support Swedish companies in growing their global sales, while helping international companies to invest and expand in Sweden.