Kraft Classic TR, Single phase

This transformer-rectifier has stood the test of time

Long-lasting transformer-rectifier

Kraft Classic™ is a sound and reliable investment that will continue to pay off – year in and year out. Don’t take chances – go for the trustworthy one.

It really is simple: we must reduce emissions as much as possible, and the future demands will be even stricter. This calls for a purification solution that is reliable, thoroughly tested and tough enough to do the job regardless of the working environment. That rectifier is called Kraft Classic™.

Kraft Classic transformer-rectifier Single Phase

We have been efficient with ESPs since the 1950’s

KraftPowercon have delivered power supplies for electrostatic precipitators since 1955 and some of our Kraft Classic™ TR units have been around for as long. What better proof of how reliable, rugged and highly efficient they are can you find? These extremely robust rectifiers handle all sorts of working conditions. And, they are not only highly reliable, but also very efficient. This makes them excellent financial and technical solutions. So, if you need a high purification level and reliable, continuous operation – choose Kraft Classic™.

Do you want options with that TR?

Kraft Classic™ can naturally be adjusted to fit your needs. Among the options are increased operational temperature intervals (-40 to +50), a choice of mineral oil, silicon or biological oil for insulation and cooling, galvanised tanks (for corrosive environments), thermometers and grounding switches

Single phase or three phase transformer-rectifier (TR)?

Kraft Classic™ units are completely encapsulated and sealed and available as single phase or three phase. The former offers a lower cost, while the latter reduces the ripple further, leading to a high power factor and a more balanced load. The result is an even more secure and efficient process with a very high availability, which is good for your business.

Stay in – and stay in control

Kraft Classic is placed on the roof of the precipitator building. To service it up there could be hazardous and difficult. Luckily, the MicroKraft controller lets you access and adjust operations from afar. It is placed in a control cabinet that can be placed anywhere on your site. As a result you can monitor and change parameters quick and easy to optimise the performance of the rectifier. Naturally, the Kraft Classic™ TR works with several other controllers of your choice and can be connected with your plant’s SCADA system.

High reliability is good for your business

Putting it all together, Kraft Classic™ is a sound and reliable investment that will continue to pay off – year in and year out. It is based on a thoroughly tested technique that guarantees that you can meet the purification demands. And since it is as reliable as it is, you can fully focus on your core operations. In short – we take away the dirt from your emissions and add value to your business.

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Kraft Classic Single Phase

Kraft Classic Single Phase

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