MicroKraft III

The heart of the control cabinet, controller – MicroKraft III ™.

MicroKraft III ™ is a modern and user-friendly controller, based on a microprocessor, which helps you control and adjust processes in your ESP system.

This is an ideal way to certify that your Kraft Classic ™ is performing to its optimum. The control cabinet runs on thyristors and is produced by well-known components form reputed manufacturers.

* The MicroKraft III controller is available in select regions. Please contact us for more detailed information and enquiries.

MicroKraft III

It speaks your language too

The MicroKraft III controller is available in many languages. It is easy to use and has an intuitive interface with an illuminated legible display. Naturally the viewing angles and contrast are good as well.

Be efficient. Don’t be in a bad mode.

When using MicroKraft III ™ you can choose between basic and intermittent energization modes. In the former you decide the voltage and current, in the latter you can use cycle blocking operations to adjust to your liking. Finally, in the case of sparks, MicroKraft III will detect these and automatically block a number of cycles, thus preventing many problems.

The cabinet can be adjusted too

The cabinet is just a cabinet, right? Well, yes – but you can still get it as either the standard version or with options such as illumination, ventilation and 220 V-connection. If you need something extra, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will walk that extra mile for you.

Control everything from the inside

Rectifiers are typically placed on the roof of the precipitator building. Servicing it up there could be hazardous and difficult. Luckily, the control of it is easily performed from the inside of the plant, as this is where you place the control cabinet. This saves time and effort whenever you need to access and adjust operations, which makes the job very flexible. Naturally, the controller can be connected to your plant’s SCADA system.

Better control means better business

By controlling, adjusting and maximising the output of your rectifier with the help of MicroKraft III you make sure that your operation run as smooth and efficient as possible. And since this is easily obtained with MicroKraft III, you free time to focus on building your core business – and thus your profits. In short, we help you stay in control and add value to your business.

MicroKraft III

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