Gives you complete control over your ESP set-up

Welcome to your new control room

NetKraft is a user-friendly ESP management system that can be accessed locally from the plant or remotely from anywhere in the world.

NetKraft simply enhances the quality, efficiency
and profitability of your operations, while cutting investment and operational costs.

And, you decide if you run it via a NetKraft-dedicated network or via Internet. This means that you can choose to sit in the control room or log on remotely. You can even have messages and alerts sent to your mailbox or smartphone.

NetKraft gives you many benefits, here are irresistible ones:

  • Complete control
  • Better business



6 areas where NetKraft will improve your business

1. Costs and profitability

NetKraft cuts investment costs and requires fewer resources. The running costs are lower too since you can reduce power consumption and predict and minimize failures or shutdowns by data analyzing.

2. Efficiency and reliability

With NetKraft you can adjust your operations to reach the desired efficiency. The reliability is excellent too, thanks to monitoring features.

3. Performance

NetKraft makes it easy to initiate all the parts of the ESP in order to optimize the performance of your ESP. In addition, it’s designed to help predict and prevent failures, which minimizes downtime and maximizes revenues.

4. Maintenance and repairs

A major highlight is the log function. It helps service crews make the right decision if there is a problem. This speeds up repairs and shortens shutdowns. In addition, NetKraft makes it easier to restore the setting parameters when a problem is solved.

5. User-friendliness

With its graphic user interface, smart features and browser access via LAN or the internet, NetKraft really is user-friendly. To amplify this, it can be customized to fit your needs perfectly—you can even opt for e-mail or phone alerts.

6. Customer support

NetKraft improves your efficiency, reliability and performance. And it makes on-site service quicker and easier. Still, we offer round-the-clock support to really help you maximize the value of your everyday business.



Main features
Works with all types of power supply controllers and I/Os.
Web/LAN Server/Client types
Energy management system
Monitoring features (e.g. data logger, trending, VI Curve, alarm handling, reporting)
Customized I/O programming
Remote access
Phone/mail alerts

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