PusleKraft Transformer-Rectifer

PulseKraft, the latest premium power supply from KraftPowercon based on Micropulse technology for your electrostatic precipitators (ESP).

Enhancing Electrostatic Precipitators with Micro-Pulse TR (transformer-rectifer)

The micro-pulse technology used in PulseKraft systems employs highly controlled, short-duration electrical pulses that enhance the electrostatic charging of particles within the precipitator. This precision leads to more effective particle agglomeration and collection, significantly improving the precipitator’s efficiency. By optimizing the pulse duration and intensity, the system achieves superior performance in particulate removal, even under challenging conditions, making it a state-of-the-art solution in emission control technology.

Invest less. Get more out of your ESP.

PulseKraft, the latest premium transformer-rectifier from KraftPowercon, will bring new life to your electrostatic precipitators (ESP). It simply ensures an outstanding performance when it comes to reducing both high and low resistivity dust. The secret behind the output characteristics of PulseKraft is a combination of two different power supplies—DC and pulse. This enables high voltage peaks and high pulse current, a low ripple, a pulse repetition frequency of 2-100Hz and increased voltage peaks.

6 ways that PulseKraft transformer-rectifier will better your operations

1 Higher efficiency and  improved reliability

With its new technical features and functions PulseKraft improves efficiency and reliability.

2 Lower costs and  higher profits

A lower initial cost, reduced power consumption and higher uptime— PulseKraft TR gives you every chance to run a better business.

3 A wider range of  DC currents

You can choose between a low DC current supply to effectively tackle high resistivity dust or a higher current to beat low resistivity dust.

4 Better usage of the ESP area

The high voltages peaks of PulseKraft transformer-rectifier is great news as the corona distribution on the discharge electrodes increases.

5 Favorable voltage pulses

Thanks to needle shapes, the spark over level increases, while the short pulses with narrow peak voltages prevent back corona in the dust layer.

6 Excellent fuel compatibility

Naturally, PulseKraft TR ensures that your ESP set-up meets any emission requirements regardless of fuel used.


Our new transformer-rectifier is a unique solution

Compared to earlier generations of TR units, PulseKraft comes with a new technology and a dedicated DC power supply. It offers a higher DC current, shorter pulse length (80-90 us) and is considerably stronger (60kV DC & 80kV pulse (140kV) and 1000mA). All this makes PulseKraft a formidable enemy to both low and high resistivity dust. Among its operational benefits, you can expect increased efficiency, lower power consumption, high fuel compatibility—and a chance to reduce your emissions way more than before.

Facts, numbers and graphs that speak for themselves

PulseKraft waveforms

Give your ESP the power to do better

To comply with ever tougher emission requirements—and save money doing it — PulseKraft is precisely the transformer-rectifier your ESP needs. PulseKraft TR joins an already unique portfolio and complements our single, three phase and high-frequency SMPS options. Here are two reasons why this is good news for your business: 1. You can reduce your emissions far below legal demands, which is good for your business—and the planet we live on. 2. You get a customized transformer-rectifier solution that minimizes your investment while delivering all the power you need to run a successful business.


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