Backup Solution for VFD

KraftPowercon RTU: Reliable Power Backup Solution for VFD Systems
RTU UPS solution for VFD

Securing Uninterrupted Motor Performance

In the demanding world of industrial applications, ensuring uninterrupted operation is not just a necessity—it’s a must. KraftPowercon’s RTU is designed to safeguard Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) against power quality issues, ensuring your processes run smoothly without risk of downtime or equipment damage.

Critical motor without backup Scheme

Your process is relying on safe operation of Variable Frequency Converters (VFD)

A power disturbance may cause a critical function to fail = risking downtime, machine damage, and deliveries being delayed.

Quality imperfections of the power utility are expected to worsen = making backup important

Critical drive scheme with RTU

Backing up your critical VFD with KraftPowercon RTU ensures that power quality issues will not affect the value-creating process.

RTU scheme as a solution

Solution: DC power to VFD

RTU will back up the VFD’s DC link, keeping it in operation during short utility power outages or voltage sags.

Backup Solution for VFD

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