Discover our new digital tool for support!

Are you tired of looking for documents and papers? Do you want a smooth and available solution to the problem?

With our customer portal you get access to the following functions:

  • Information of your system
  • Tools for annual testing
  • Documentation
  • FAQ
  • Contact form to our support

The most common documents you will find in the customer portal are manuals, layouts, circuit diagrams, device lists, single line diagrams, and setting lists.

Do you want to connect?

To get access to our customer portal with information about your system we have chosen to use QR codes that are placed on your system, and you can easily get access to relevant information.

Scan the QR code, create an account and confirm via e-mail and you will be up and running.

There are two levels for your account, basic and extended. If you chose basic, you will access every information besides documentation. This type of account you only confirm by yourself with your specified e-mail. If you choose an extended account, you will access everything that a basic account provides you with and documentation as well.  This type of account needs to be confirmed with your specified e-mail and from us at KraftPowercon. This is for your own safety.

Do you have existing equipment from us but missing a QR code? Contact us via e-mail which you will find below, and we will help you get connected!

If you already are connected to our customer portal you can log in through:

QR Customer Portal

Andreas Linden - +46(0)470 705 220

Johannes Andersson - +46(0)470 705 220

Gustav Svanfors - +46(0)470 705 220

Contact us at: