MicroKraft 4 Plug and Play

A quick and easy modernization

The must have in power generation and heavy industries

Are you, as many other maintenance teams, struggling with old ESP power supply controllers that are, or soon will be, discontinued?

Many original suppliers are no longer in business and it can be hard to find obvious controller replacements. So the only alternative for many plants is to replace the entire control cabinet and that means more cost, longer down time and more complicated replacements than necessary.

Don’t waste more time and money, it’s time to find a better solution – the MicroKraft 4 Plug and Play.

Advanced electrostatic precipitator controller

A unique plug and play digital solution

MicroKraft plug and play is a new controller offering an easy and quick replacement. It is a pre-fitted and customized controller unit, designed for minimum efforts on site during commissioning. The plug and play is a service concept that makes it possible to upgrade with as little modifications to the current system as possible and minimized disturbance to production.

MK4 plug and play ESP controller

Unmatched value opportunities and benefits

The MK4 plug and play solution is applicable to any industry and ESP size as the unit can be extended with additional I/O to control auxiliary equipment such as conveyors, heaters, hoppers etc. By replacing existing site controllers with MicroKraft 4 Plug and Play, maintenance teams are provided with several benefits, including:

  • Easy installation that takes hours, rather than days, minimizing process disruption
  • Greater scalability and flexibility with customization and control of auxiliary equipment
  • Less maintenance effort with advanced controls and remote troubleshooting
  • Industry communication protocol and soft PLC support
  • A more cost-effective option than replacing an entire control cabinet
  • Being a member of the Kraft Care program with full active AS&S support
MicroKraft 4 Plug and Play
ESP controller production process

But don’t just take our word for it…

“Thank you again for the amazing support you gave me during our call. It is nice to know that we can rely on you when the problems become technical.”
– E&I Engineer, Waste Management Industry

“Thank you for your support. We have followed your instructions and the problem is resolved.”
– Electrical engineer, Petroleum industry

MicroKraft 4 Plug and Play

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