SmartKraft Plus

SmartKraft Plus is the next generation of KraftPowercon’s industry leading high frequency ESP power supply technology.

Welcome to our small and massive revolution.

Welcome to our small and massive revolution. It’s a simple fact. We need to reduce emissions even more in the future and that calls for better purification. There are two ways to achieve this. Either, you add more precipitator chambers using existing technology, or you install the new SmartKraft™ Plus, and get a higher output from a smaller, more efficient and very cost-effective product.


Pure things come in small packages

KraftPowercon have delivered power supply for electrostatic precipitators since 1955, and now it is time for us to revolutionise the ESP-world. Again.

We do this with SmartKraft™ Plus – Smart stands for Switch Mode Advanced Rectifier Technology – a switch mode power supply rectifier filled with advantages.

Not only will you get higher purification levels, which make it an ideal choice for the future, it also has a high power factor, weighs less than 600 kilo, is small in volume and comes with an attractive Scandinavian design.

Say goodbye to excessive ripple

Due to very low ripple, the operational efficiency of SmartKraft+ is very high as it operates closer to the levels where flash-overs occur. And, since SmartKraft+ adapts very fast to changes in operation conditions and adjusts accordingly, it makes sure that it is always adjusted to optimal performance.

Do you want to reduce or reduce?

SmartKraft+ is excellent when dealing with dust with low to medium resistivity. Its excellent performance changes design parameters for electrostatic precipitators. With SmartKraft+ you can reduce the precipitator dimensions while keeping the purification levels. Should you instead maintain the dimensions, the higher effect of SmartKraft+ will reduce pollution levels, and help you stay ahead of future regulations.

Touch the screen and stay in control

SmartKraft+ is an all-in-one solution; each unit consists of a transformer and a control cabinet. It’s placed on the precipitator roof and easy to access. However, should you want to make controlling SmartKraft+ even easier, you can combine it with a remote touch screen control panel. With this, you can access process parameters and make adjustments regardless of where you are at the site. Naturally, you can also connect SmartKraft+ to your site SCADA system.

Higher efficiency is good for your business

Putting it all together, SmartKraft+ offers something completely new. It takes the best of a thoroughly tested technique and adds what is needed to meet the demands of the future. It’s smaller, more efficient, highly reliable and improves purification. In short, it adds value to your business.

SmartKraft Plus

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