Uncover your hidden savings potential trough power supply | KraftPowercon

Uncover your hidden savings potential trough power supply

“We’ve always done it this way”*

* Probably the seven most expensive words in business.


We are keen to show you differently.

Your power supply plays a crucial part in production output consistency, quality and cost-effectiveness.

Do you know how much energy your rectifiers consume today?

If you’re not using switch mode rectifier technology today, you might be missing out on up to 36% energy savings potential!

And that’s not all. We will demonstrate in this webinar how energy consumption goes down, and plating quality goes up.

We’ll cover the difference KraftPowercon’s switch-mode rectifiers can make to your bottom line, and why leaders in the metal finishing industry are now adopting this technology as standard, 

  • reducing planned and unplanned downtime 
  • reducing maintenance costs 
  • reducing plating time 
  • reducing needed chemicals  
  • reducing post-plating reworks and scrap 

And if you are already using this technology, there is more to learn from our experts on how to steer the current to your advantage. 

Find out how much energy you could save now, using our instant energy savings calculator. 

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The modular switch-mode rectifier that supplies premium power for electro-chemical processes. Made in Sweden. 

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