Aquamirus, Turkey

Aquamirus improves the water quality in Turkey with the help of FlexKraft

Aquamirus is an innovative, anti-microbial solution that improves the efficiency of water disinfection. It simply destroys harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, molds and algae. It is fully ecological and natural, and is produced from salt and water. The solution is patented and approved by independent laboratories and microbiological departments at universities approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health. A key here, as the owner told us, is to get rid of unwanted taste in the drinking water. The company won a tender to clean the water for the city of Ankara, and needed a system that was both reliable and allowed for quick troubleshooting should a problem still occur. The solution has more practical uses, though. These include:

• Surface disinfection

• Swimming pools (disinfection)

• Hospitals ( disinfection of medical instrument, hard surfaces)

• Greenhouses, animal farms, meat and fish business facilities and other industrial uses.

Here comes feedback from the customer: “The active substance is HOCI, which is generated by an electrochemical activation method of salt. Your devices are successfully used in our systems to facilitate this manufacture of disinfectants made from natural salt”

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