ESP Electrical Upgrade

– through advanced power supply and control solutions

Breathe new life into your ESP

Is your ESP keeping up with the ever-increasing requirements? If not, there is no cause for alarm. KraftPowercon’s advanced power supply and control solution is a cost-efficient alternative to expensive ESP rebuilds or expansion.

You will breathe new life into your existing ESPs – reducing emission levels, energy consumption and maintenance costs – at a surprisingly low investment cost and with minimum disturbance of your operations.

Minimized investment and lower running cost

Lowest possible investment, since we just replace the power supply. Reducing running costs due to reduces energy consumption

No need for additional space

Our solution fits into existing space and there is no need for mechanical changes

Exceptional short payback time

Short downtime at installation and immediate reduction of emissions.

Your customized solution always includes


Value proposition & comparison

The table clearly demonstrates the benefits of upgrading to modern power supplies compared to using other upgrade schemes, including investing in new ESPs or bag filters. The more plus signs, the more favorable.

ESP upgrade

Our ESP upgrade philosophy

We work according to a set of principles to ensure your solution is optimized for performance and cost.

  1. We change as little as possible of the ESP itself, avoiding to add fields or extend the ESP.
  2. We supervise mechanical ESP maintenance if needed.
  3. We focus on upgrading ESP power supplies and controllers to deliver the optimum solution.
  4. We determine the right combination of power supplies, not to over engineer the solution.
  5. We carry out field trials, if needed.


ESP Electrical Upgrade


ESP Electrical Upgrade

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