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By upgrading your ESP with our power supplies, you can minimize the emission levels, making it easier to meet more demanding environmental norms.

Cement plants present many challenges. For instance, cement kiln dust is highly resistive due to high temperature and low moisture, while raw mill dust is low resistive thanks to low temperature and reasonable moisture. At times, they pass through the same ESP (compound mode). You also have clinker cooler ESPs that operate at higher temperatures and produce bigger, heavier particle sizes. Furthermore, Waste heat recovery systems have become common and decreased the efficiency of many existing ESPs. Finally, cement and coal mills use the smallest ESPs. The former’s performance depends on the moisture content, whereas the latter produce dust that is highly prone to fire and explosion. All in all, this calls for unique and different types of power supplies.


By upgrading your ESP with our power supplies, you can minimize the emission levels, making it easier to meet more demanding environmental norms.


Our power supplies reduce energy consumption while increasing your operations' efficiency and output without adding ESP fields. Something that makes them a sound financial investment.


By upgrading to our power supplies, you get a highly reliable solution adapted to your unique needs. The result? Better uptime and more predictable and profitable operations.

How our solutions tackle various challenges

Back corona

Some cement processes create back corona. To solve that issue, KraftPowercon offers power supplies with pulse technology combined with profound application knowledge.

Maintenance costs

Quite a few ESP installations are old and use power supplies in need of costly maintenance. Traditionally, you replace the entire installation with a new one, but we offer a quicker, more cost-effective solution where we only upgrade the power supply. You pay less than you would for repairing or rebuilding the ESP – and get a more reliable solution that improves your operations and minimizes your energy consumption.

Risk of explosion

ESP installations in this industry carry a heightened risk of explosion due to high carbon monoxide. We eliminate that with our automatic grounding switch (AGS), which discharges the ESP in less than one second.

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