Why risk halting production due to inefficient or poor quality DC power supply? Make sure you are using reliable switch-mode rectifiers

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We are the DC power supply specialists who understand the ‘why’ as well as the ‘how’ of metal plating. Which means we’ll work with you to design and implement the most economical and efficient way to power your production: reducing your total cost of operation while meeting your output quality and uptime targets.

Proven value

The quality and efficiency of the power supply can be an enabler in achieving optimal plating, each and every time.

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In the current economic situation,
no-one can afford to waste energy.

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Energy saving and more

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  • energy cost
  • process efficiency
  • reducing scrap and reworks
  • achieving consistent plating results

Did you know that your current readings are only showing you an average voltage?

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How current ripples affect throwing power and plating quality
General Metal Finishing


The modular switch-mode rectifier that supplies premium power for electro-chemical processes

It’s so flexible that you only need one product to meet industry requirements. Made in Sweden.

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Achieve high quality chrome plating every time


Increase the profitability and quality of your anodizing processes

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