Increase profitability and quality by upgrading your anodizing process with us.

Increase profitability and quality by upgrading your anodizing process with us.

Aluminum is slowly replacing steel, a trend driven by fuel economics. Increased speed and carriage capacity can be achieved by its lower weight. The life and safety of parts is enhanced due to high corrosion and wear resistance, while the ability to shape aluminum also offers an opportunity for innovation. However strict quality requirements, product reliability and extreme cost pressure threaten its competitive edge in the travel and transport industries. A process upgrade could be crucial to you and your customers’ profitability.

up to 70% less

By upgrading to FlexKraft you get desired and uniform film thickness even in complex products. The product appears more glossy without peeling and burn marks. Our customers experienced all this which have resulted in 70% reduced rework.

up to 20% faster

An average 20% improvement in your cycle time. This means that you are able to deliver faster and reserve spare capacity for additional business opportunities. You ultimately improve your profits!

up to 25% saving

Saving energy massively affects your anodizing costs. FlexKraft delivers an electrical efficiency > 90% across the full operating range. This high efficiency has provided our customers with 25% energy savings, greatly helping their margins.

The challenge of meeting quality and cost demands

Increased focus on quality might mean that you spend more time and money trying to achieve the required average film thickness by adding more re-work and quality checks in production. You may think these problems are process-related and avoid going for better rectifier technology – adding power factor correction banks, harmonic and ripple filters instead. Or indeed spend more on your rectifier maintenance. Power supply plays a crucial role in the anodizing process. Upgrading from conventional Thyristor Rectifier to a more advanced Switch mode power supply now will help you overcome any process issues and hugely improve your output.

Upgrade from Thyristor to FlexKraft

Changing from Thyristor (SCR) Rectifiers to FlexKraft with minimum investment will deliver many and varied process improvements. Efficiency in excess of 90% will help reduce your energy cost to  become more competitive. The completely modular design and reliability of FlexKraft Rectifiers will help improve uptime. Ripple being around 1% means improved product quality, reducing re-work and scrap to meet strict delivery demands.

  • Ripple: ≈1%
  • Anybus connectivity
  • Control accuracy: ±1%
  • Efficiency: >90%

Process Defects

  • Uneven film thickness
  • Poor surface finish
  • Burn marks
  • Pit marks
  • Acid scars
  • Peeling

Operation limits

  • Constant monitoring
  • Manual operations
  • Difficult PLC interface
  • High process time
Process improvements with an upgrade from Thyristor to FlexKraft

Improved output

  • Uniform film thickness
  • Glossy appearance
  • Blurred marks
  • Negligible pit marks
  • Nil scars
  • No peeling

Ease of operation

  • No need of monitoring
  • Auto mode, easy to operate
  • Easy interface (PLC, IOT), remote access
  • Less process time

Manufacture higher quality, more complex parts at a lower cost

An upgrade to FlexKraft will improve your competitive edge. How?

You achieve better quality with desired and uniform film thickness, even in complex products. The product appears more glossy without any peeling and burn marks. We have seen some customers reduce their reworks by 70%!

Improving power quality will also help increase your production output. A 20% improvement in cycle time is quite common. Which means being able to deliver faster with reserve spare capacity for greater business opportunities. All contributing to a more profitable future, of course.

Before FlexKraft

With FlexKraft

Under similar process parameters/conditions, parts anodized with FlexKraft rectifiers are found to have uniform oxide layer  with excellent surface finish. 

Lower your energy costs, reduce maintenance and improve reliability with us

Greater efficiency across your operating range helps you to save power, while higher modularity will reduce repair time and maintenance costs. With FlexKraft, you can achieve greater electrical efficiency – above 90% across the full operating range. This high efficiency has provided our customers with up to 25% energy savings, for higher profits.

The increased reliability of FlexKraft compared to a Thyristor Rectifier also reduces the risk of costly breakdowns, leading to lost production, associated repairs and higher spare part costs. Our customers have saved over 60 hours per year. Furthermore, in-built MODBUS connectivity allows you to remotely monitor output parameters and receive fault alarms at your fingertips. Put simply, it allows you to work proactively, reducing risks in the process.

We have the knowledge and experience in anodizing

KraftPowercon has extensive experience of working with clients like you to improve anodizing processes. We combine knowledge of the complete process, using power supply or improved rectifiers to transform your operations. With just a limited outlay, we work with you to ensure you get a fast return on investment, delivering quicker turnaround, exceptional quality and reduced costs.


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