Power plants and transmission

Complete system for uninterruptible supply of AC & DC voltage for industrial switchgear, control equipment, process control, etc.

Eliminate the risks of dangerous power failures within generation and transmission.

A steady and absolutely reliable auxiliary power supply is essential for the generation and transmission of electricity. Power failures and disruptions in the grid could cause enormous problems and are costly and dangerous.

With over 50 years of experience within the area KraftPowercon know how to secure critical functions of your processes with solutions that guarantee an uninterrupted power supply. Whether you use hydropower, nuclear power, windmills or combined heat and power in your processes – we know how to always give you the highest possible availability.

Our products are used to energize breakers, relay protections and safety systems in substations, but also to cool down power converters and provide reliable lubrication for turbines.

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Full availability

Hot Swap modules

Complete factory tested system

KraftPowercon Supply complete system for uninterruptable supply of  AC & DC voltage for industrial switchgear, control equipment, process control, etc. where highest demands on safe operation is required.

  • Plug-in modules
    Provides flexibility by adjusting the output power, easy maintenance by hot swap and high availability with parallel modules.
  • System monitoring
    Built-in controller that regulate and supervise the system and activate the bypass device that connects the load to the alternate network in case of failure.
  • Compact design
    Monitoring unit, rectifier, distribution and batteries up to 110V/105Ah in the same enclosure.
  • Uninterruptible switching
    Switching automatically and uninterruptible to alternative AC network through the bypass unit.
  • Battery status
    Battery circuit test and symmetry monitoring provides good conditions for early detection of errors in the battery. Battery temperature is monitored and adjusts the float-charging voltage automatically.

Uninterruptible power for motor drives (UMD™)

UMD™ is a system intended for the uninterruptible operation of three phase AC-motors. It is based on frequency converters that can be powered not only from the existing mains drive but also from batteries. The system contains the required number of drives, battery and internal distribution of AC, DC power and control circuits. The system is fed by one single or dual mains supply. Each output to the electrical motor is fully controlled by bus or hardwired interface and protection of cable and motor.


The Power Center is a complete modular system for highly flexible output power and easy service. Complete with rectifiers, batteries, battery fuse box, distribution boards and monitoring mounted in a cabinet. The batteries can also be placed in their own rack next to the cabinet. The system has a modular design to enable easy adaptation to the existing needs of the installation.

Power plants and transmission

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