Charging Rectifiers

Our charging rectifiers with monitoring capability guarantee access to backup capacity. They can be replaced while running and have parallel modules, making their availability extra high and the operation more economical.

Ensuring Reliability: Charging Rectifiers for Critical Power Applications

Charging rectifiers for uninterrupted power for applications where availability is a high priority in power stations, transformer stations and the process industry.

These rectifiers have been developed for charging stationary lead or alkaline batteries and supply the base load. They have a rugged and reliable design for critical applications. Several rectifiers can be operated in parallel to provide additional capacity, availability and reliability.

A powerful monitoring unit that continuously monitors the batteries, rectifier and network is built into the rectifier or supplied as a separate unit. The use of dual circuits ensures the reliability of the power supply, since the rectifier and monitoring circuits are independent.

Charging rectifier type PRX wall cabinet up to 5.4kW

PRX is a family of charging rectifiers in single phase configuration with integrated monitoring that are designed for wall mounting. The charging rectifier is constructed using plug-in rectifier modules for simple maintenance and high flexibility and availability. Its compact design allows it to be used even in confined spaces.  The clear display and well-arranged system of menus of the monitoring unit make it easy and pleasant to work with. The rectifier can be equipped with one or two rectifier modules of plug-in type. The monitoring unit is a functionally separate unit who communicates with the rectifier modules via a serial interface.

Charging rectifier PRX

Charging rectifier type PRX1 floor cabinet up to 10.8kW

PRX1 is a complete charging rectifier in an enclosure including rectifier and monitoring unit. The rectifier can be equipped with up to four rectifier modules of plug-in type. The system is built on a modular basis for easy service and high flexibility. Its compact design allows it to be used even in confined spaces. The clear display and well-arranged system of menus of the monitoring unit make it easy and pleasant to work with. The rectifiers are of “plug-in” type and can be connected in parallel to increase capacity and availability.

Charging rectifier PRX1

Charging rectifier type PRX3 floor cabinet up to 54kW

PRX3 is a complete modular charging rectifier for total output power up to 54 kW. The main parts of the system are 3-phase rectifier modules type PRM3 up to six modules working in parallel mounted in a 19” cabinet, monitoring unit type PCM2 specially designed for DC systems, fuses and disconnectors for highest safety, easy service and maintenance. The rectifier modules can be connected in parallel for flexible adaption of output power and the possibility of redundancy.
They can also be swapped during operation (hot swap) with easy maintenance and high availability as a result. Fans with speed control and monitoring gives low noise levels. This, together with the clear display and well-arranged system of menus of the monitoring unit makes it easy and pleasant to work with.

Charging rectifiers PRX3

Monitoring unit type PCM2

The monitoring unit type PCM2 is designed for monitoring and control of battery based DC systems. A strict safety approach characterizes the whole product. This is evident in things like the well-planned alarm functions, the important control characteristics such as the temperature controlled float charging voltage and an operator panel with graphic clear text display based on a simple and easy to understand menu system and alarm indication with both LEDs and clear text messages. Remote alarm via 4 freely configurable relays.

Charging Rectifiers

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