DC Systems - Power Center

PC05 and PC10 is a complete system for uninterruptible supply of DC voltage for industrial switchgear, control equipment, process control, etc. where high demands on safe operation is required

DC Systems – Power Center

The Power Center is a complete modular system for highly flexible output power and easy service. Complete with rectifiers, batteries, battery fuse box, distribution boards and monitoring mounted in a cabinet. The batteries can also be placed in their own rack next to the cabinet. The system has a modular design to enable easy adaptation to the existing needs of the installation

Compact design with built-in batteries or on battery stand. Monitoring of batteries, rectifiers and distribution. Status and alarms appear distinctly on system display, settings via clear menus for easy handling and remote alarms via programmable relays. Battery care by monitoring of battery temperature, float voltage control, battery circuit test and monitoring of battery symmetry for early warning of battery faults.

Plug-in rectifier modules for output power flexibility, easy service due to hot swap modules and high availability due to parallel operation.

Each distribution module has up to nine fuses each can be equipped with zero voltage monitoring with indication on front panel and remote alarm.

Dual redundant solutions by optional breakers and control for cross connection of two battery systems

DC system type PC05

The PC05 system takes up minimal space and can accommodate up to four rectifier modules, two distribution modules battery fuse board, batteries and monitoring unit. A 110VDC system can be equipped with up to 3x22A rectifiers modules and a maximum of a 50Ah battery system built into a cabinet.

DC Systems - Power Center

DC system type PC10

The PC10 system can be equipped with additional distribution modules, inverter, changeover switch for parallel operation of battery systems, alarm panel, etc. A 110VDC system can be equipped with up to 7x22A rectifiers modules and a maximum of a 100Ah battery system built into a cabinet.

DC Systems - Power Center
DC Systems - Power Center

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