FlexKraft Marine

FlexKraft Marine™ is a water-cooled rectifier specially designed for ballast water management systems.
FlexKraft Marine

Water-cooled power supply for ballast water management systems

FlexKraft Marine™ is a water-cooled rectifier tested and type approved according to both IMO and USCG for Ballast Water Management Systems. It is the worlds first stand-alone rectifier that holds a Type Approval from DNVGL. This means that it is easy for you to include in your BWMS and since we own the approvals, you can rest assured that KraftPowercon will make all the modifications needed to remain compliant to any future changes of the requirements.

The modular design ensures highest possible up-time. If one power module would break, the system can continue to run at reduced power, preventing costly standstills and downtime.

The modular design also ensures that spare parts are available since all rectifier configurations are built by the same module and can easily be exchanged by the vessel crew.

FlexKraft Marine
FlexKraft Marine

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