Scalable, switch mode DC power supply providing exceptional reliability. Ideal for small-scale applications within the hydrogen value chain.
FlexKraft Water for Hydrogen Production

The flexible design, and scalable power output options enable increasing the power supply at the rate of business growth, without major investment or redesign.

FlexKraft comes with the options of air cooled or water-cooled technologies (CoolKraft) and can be controlled through detached control system (ControlKraft Touch).


With FlexKraft, you can optimize the power supply, while reducing costs.
Here are the key enabling functions:

Standardization and modular design

  • allow for an optimized configuration, saving space and upgrading the power size when needed.
  • facilitate redundancy. If a module would fail, operation can be continued with less output.
  • with one critical spare part /power module fitting to the entire range of the rectifiers regardless size and manufacturing year, service/repair are straightforward
  • enable spares optimization, reducing inventory needs and costs.

It takes less than 15 min to exchange a faulty module, reducing standstill.


Watch the video to learn how.

Dual output

  • the possibility to have one rectifier working as two, saves space and up to 15% of the investment cost.

Control system

  • Rectifier can be run in both CV and CC-mode without limitations, with possibility to set both voltage and current separately. This provides total control of the process – of highest value when requiring voltage limitation at controlled current.

Operating conditions

  • FlexKraft can operate continuously at maximum output for longer periods in ambient temperature of up to 40°C, derated operation up to 50°C. This means reliability.

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Over fifty years at the leading edge, and still shaping the future

KraftPowercon developed the first IGBT rectifier technology in 1970, and we’ve been collaborating with customers to devise and deliver innovative power solutions for hydrogen production ever since.

Over the years we have worked with leading equipment producers for hydrogen production including: NEL Hydrogen, Air Liquide, Proton on Site, Cumberland, Siemens, Linde, Elchemtech, HyET Hydrogen, Titan.

More on KraftPowercon’s value adding in the Hydrogen industry

Efficient and effective power supply is crucial to the hydrogen installations we’re delivering. Partnering with the KraftPowercon team gives us access to fantastic power system expertise, as well as technology and support for planning, installation, commissioning and servicing our hydrogen installations.

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Global network, local services

Our global engineering network means you’ll get great support and a quick response from local service personnel – whether you need us for a routine visit or an emergency callout.

Hydrogen manufacturing and supply chain

Part of our 20,000m2+ global production footprint, our new 3.500m2 production facility is specially equipped to design and manufacture KraftPowercon hydrogen power solutions.

Our robust manufacturing supply chain enables us to scale up production and drive down costs through increased volume.

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