We offer inverter systems with a very high efficiency rating for plants where uninterrupted AC voltage is required.

Our inverters guarantee highest availability of AC power from your battery system and make your operation secure and effective. Our high quality inverter system can be used in various forms of critical applications, such as power plants and process industry, for supply of computers and process control.

They provide pure AC power with low distortion, capable to carry non linear loads by high crest factor. The high peak current guaranties a safe supply of AC power at short circuit or overload conditions.

The availability is further maximized, thanks to a static switch, to an alternate AC supply at loss of the DC supply or when the inverter is out of service.

The modular design of our inverter system with parallel modules provides high availability by n+1 redundancy. It also provides hot-swap of modules during operation and expansion of modules when power demand is increased.

Inverter system type PCI05 0.5 – 4kVA

The PCI05 is a stand-alone inverter mounted in a 19” wall rack or a floor cabinet. The ranges of the PCI05 are 500VA to 4000VA and are equipped with an integrated bypass. The PCI05 ensures load supply and protection at all times.

Inverter system PCI05

Inverter system type PCI10 4 – 48kVA

The PCI10 inverter system is a modular system consisting of a controller, which controls and monitors the system, a bypass unit that connects the load to an alternative supply if a fault occurs and if one or more inverter modules fails.

The 4kVA inverter module can be paralleled up to 12 units, totaling up to 48kVA in stable and secure power. Again, you are able to meet increasing power demands or the need for redundancy by adapting and growing the power system at any given time, without having to shut down and causing downtime for your investment. Just hot-swap the new unit, and let the controller do the rest automatically.

The PCI10 inverter system is mounted in a cabinet, which rooms, apart from the inverter modules, separate MCB’s for each module, connection terminals for power and signals and, in some cases, a manual bypass switch.

Inverter system PCI10

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