MicroKraft 4

Automating ESP operation using new intelligent controller logic.
MicroKraft 4

MicroKraft 4 is an autopilot for your ESP operation


Tougher legislation forces industry to reduce emissions. An optimally operating electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is vital to any producer’s ability to meet regulations. Now, MicroKraft 4 from KraftPowercon makes ESPs even more efficient by automatically optimizing their performance based on actual operating conditions.

MicroKraft 4 smartness in a nutshell


MicroKraft 4

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Smart ESPTM – Higher collection efficiency at lower cost

You want to meet environmental regulations using your existing ESPs with minimum additional investment or upgrading. At the same time, you want to minimize electricity consumption by ensuring your equipment is perfectly dimensioned for your needs.

KraftPowercon offers a simple yet elegant solution to this optimization challenge. Our new ESP controller, MicroKraft 4, comes with SmartESPTM, a kind of autopilot for your ESP operation that is set to change the market landscape.

You simply set the performance level you want, then SmartESPTM will ensure it is maintained during operation by automatically adjusting to load changes – thus reducing both stack emissions and operational costs.

Power plants and industries can trust their ESPs to perform optimally at all time, without worrying about manual intervention. And since performance is optimized, so is power consumption and your total operational economy, too.

MicroKraft 4

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