Ballast Water Treatment

We supply the power needed for safe and efficient ballast water management – even when the sea is rough.

A major concern when super tankers and other vessels travel around the world is microorganisms hitching a ride and causing havoc when released into a new environment. We help you free your ballast water from any harmful aquatic organisms before it is pumped out. KraftPowercon has a long history within electrochemical processes. This is also true for a marine industry and its very specific and challenging conditions where power supply must work faultlessly, even at sea.

We are the heart of your system

Just like our muscles and vital organs need oxygen to function, a ballast water treatment system needs electricity to be operable. That is where we come in. Our rectifiers supply your ballast water treatment system with the energy needed to operate – guaranteeing an unparalleled power supply that works even in the harshest conditions.

The power supply system and the electrolytic cell are like the heart and muscles of the human body. The heart pumps out energy to the muscles and the rectifier feeds energy to the electrolytic cell. If the rectifier stops, the BWTS suffers a heart attack.

The video shows an inline system where all the water runs through the cell. There are also so-called Side Stream Systems that are actually more common. The difference between these two systems is that with a Side Stream System, only a small percentage of the water flows through the electrical cells, but a higher concentration of sodium hypochlorite is produced to suffice to the total flow.

The rectifier is designed for electrochlorination ballast water treatment systems and is one of the four main components. The other three being the filter, the cell and the control system.


Ballast Water Treatment

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