Think you need a major investment to meet the growing challenge of producing 5G printed circuit boards? Think again.

The impact of 5G on our electronic devices will be huge, with faster data rates and more data traffic becoming essential. We know the production of Printed Circuit Boards is vital to your business – and your customers. Yet failure to upgrade your production processes now could lead to degradation in the signal performance and data flow that your PCBs are able to deliver. A comprehensive upgrade is possible for just a limited investment.

up to 20-40% reduced scrap

An upgrade to Through Hole Filling and Pulse current in electroplating means distributing copper to meet 5G requirements without dimples or voids in the plating. Your scrap rate could reduce by 20-40% as a result.

up to 5.6x production efficiency

The upgrade allows for up to 5.6 times faster output. This means increased production, while cutting material and labour costs. And with fewer process steps, the end results are more predictable too.

up to 2x price - higher profitability

5G PCBs sell at twice the price of today’s boards. When you combine this with lower costs and faster, better outputs, your investment is sure to be very profitable.

Growing pressure on your PCB production

Smaller PCB designs and high-density interconnects with thin board traces are putting more pressure on many of our customers. Those using conventional production methods with DC power find it tough to meet 5G quality standards. A 50-70 % scrap rate is common, while the conventional electroplating process can take over 14 hours.

Failure to act will reduce your competitiveness

We understand it’s normal to seek references and carry out research before investing in new machines and chemicals. However waiting too long to upgrade could seriously reduce your competitiveness, making it tough to keep your business profitable in the longer term. 5G is here to stay, and we know innovation is vital to survival in a fast-changing electronics industry.

What if you could upgrade your existing process?

Staying ahead in the 5G revolution is possible without massive investment in new machinery. At KraftPowercon we help you upgrade your existing process by introducing ModuPulse, a PPR (Periodic Pulse Rectifier). This changes the power supply from DC to Pulse, and together with a limited upgrade of existing equipment and added new chemicals can make through-hole filling with full copper possible. Together with our partners, we have twenty years experience in pulse applications, and are experts in technical upgrades and process improvement. Helping you meet quality requirements and vastly improving your output.

Expand your diversity while reducing costs

An upgrade to Through Hole Filling (THF) and Pulse current in electroplating means being able to distribute copper the way you want, meeting 5G requirements without dimples or voids in the plating. Your scrap rate could reduce by 20-40 % depending on current production methods. Using the whole copper pillar for thermal management instead of plugging past thermal conductivity is four times more efficient. Overheating that could cause electronic breakdown is prevented and instead the lifetime of you PCBs increases. THF process improvement will also allow you to expand your product diversity to meet changing market requirements.

THF process saves more than just time

Is the process you use today eating up valuable resources? Plating alone can take over 14 hours with many steps involved, meaning variable results and quality. A one-step process increases control.  We have seen production increase fivefold in some cases, with no pre or post-plating process required. This also saves equipment, material and labour costs. And, without using any extra material to plug the hole, the plating process is simplified to one step – plating the hole with copper. Take the potential doubling of 5G card price compared to 4G, then multiply your speed of production by five. You can work out what this could mean for your revenue.

Look forward to a quick ROI

Of course you don’t want a huge investment in a new plating line – especially when the one you have is still usable. Updating your current system for a limited outlay means you can look forward to meeting 5G quality while reducing costs. And with a huge improvement in production speed, you can deliver more batches per hour, at potentially two times the price-per-batch compared to 4G. Meaning a fast return-on-investment, and a more profitable future.

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